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My name is Vero (pronounced like "arrow" with a V). I'm 23 and learning what it means to be an adult....QWOC. Southern California. ENFP.

So I can finally say that I’ve had sex in Africa.

That is all. :)

It’s been almost two months since I left home and moved to Mozambique and I can say that now I’m to the point where most things seem normal to me. I’m so completely used to it now and I didn’t think that would happen this quickly.

But even now when I’m used to being woken up by a duck running across my tin roof, or having to find a new path to work because an angry goat is in my way, or telling my neighbor for the 5th time this week that I will not cut my hair and give it to her….even now that I’m used to all this there are still moments where I stop and realize… I’M IN AFRICA.

I’m exactly where I said I would be. I’m where I’ve always wanted to be. And damn, does it feel good.